YIN & YANG’ meditatie-concerten

Since the beginning of 2019, a big dream has come true, the collaboration with Spirit Connection. Using my voice more like an instrument of sound, blending in with all the other instruments and working together with a group of singers is where all my musical experience and talent seem to come together.

You lie between the gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Due to the rippling stream of sound and vibrations, the sense of separation with other people and the world around you disappears. Time and space dissolve in your essential silence.
The mental, emotional and physical aspects of your body become superconducting and regenerating so that the usual resistance of the ego dissolves and you relax in silence. For more information the website of SpiritConnetion.

Tijdloos festval

Spirit connection, power of sound, in Timeless festival 20202 with ultra high quality gongs, Tibetan bowls ect, with guest Mike del Ferro on piano and Irina Stoica, Ayi and Michael from Shanti Sounds on the gongs. Video Erwin van Lingen. For more information the website of SpiritConnetion.

Spirit connection