Living room concerts

Singer Songwriter

I love to give livingroom concerts, because you can merge into the music and emotions with the audience much easier than on a big stage.

I can process everything that I experience in life and what touches me in stories, images and music.

It is a great feeling to do something therapeutical for myself and at the same time to inspire or move others.

Natalie Merfort

Alma - duo classical music

Alma means soul. For more than 8 years the Russian pianist Svetlana Lohman and I have been working together in different projects.

From the moment we met, we immediately had the same approach and vision to create and perform music that is meant to touch the soul.

We often come together to refine the enormous repertoire of the most beautiful sacred and romantic music that we have built up.

We choose music from many different cultures and languages. We also sing duets and own arrangements of beautiful Russian folk songs that are more based on sound.

Svetlana Lohman

Reina - duo harp and voice

Natalie Merfort and Reinilde Zevenbergen on harp take you on a musical journey from classical to folk music, jazz and own compositions with different themes like love and nature.

Reinilde Zevenbergen

Living room concerts are given on the basis of donation. Please contact me for the details and conditions

Living room concerts