I grew up in

Luxembourg and Berlin.
My father always took me to concerts.
This is where the love for music originated

I studied

classic singing in Berlin and jazz and pop at the
Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam.
Thanks to afull scholarship at the Berklee College
of Music in Boston, USA,
I was able to d ive even more into singing improvisation
and writing my own lyrics and songs.

I see music as an art form

and enjoy working interdisciplinarily with other artists,
musicians oraccompany myself on the piano,
whether I compose, conduct, write texts or coach.

In coaching

I let you discover your natural voice.
We are born with the perfect vocal technique
but are not conscious about it.
I teach my students all the tools to be able
to sing effortlessly and to keep the voice healthy.

Since more than 15 years

I provide and write the music for the memorial services
twice a year at the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.
I regard this as one of the biggest presents in my life.
Where there is so much pain there is also so much love.
Music can bring a feeling of connection, consolation.
Every time I play and sing there it gives me a reset to feel
and be conscious about what is truly important in life.